The Inadequacies of life

Often times we ask ourselves as to what is our purpose in life. We course through a lot of “what ifs” and “what’s not” and blame everything except ourselves for it. A lot of factors can affect your life but it always fall on how you react to it and what your perspective is to whatever it is you are dealing with. Every person is different. That means a certain event can generate a contrastive reaction on every person. 

The key word is respect. This life we are living all revolves to that value. A lack of it can cause disputes, petty squabbles even wars. On the other hand, a presence of respect in every aspect of life can be fulfilling if provided with a right perspective. 

How does this connect with your perspective on life? As long as we respect each others perpective, we can concentrate with working on our own goals without dwelling  on another person’s perspective as long is it is for the good of the world.

“It is up to you if you cater a situation as a sunrise or a sunset.”


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